Vietnam Anti War Movement

By:Corey Mills

5 Interesting Facts

  • Some Americans resorted to self mutilation to avoid the draft.
  • The Vietnam War is known as “the American War” in Vietnam.
  • During the Vietnam War, an estimated 125,000 Americans fled to Canada to avoid the military draft. Around half returned to the US when President Carter, in his first day in office, granted them amnesty.
  • During the Vietnam War, a US Prisoner of War was forced to do a press conference saying that they were treated well. He managed to convey the truth by blinking “TORTURE” in Morse code
  • Superglue was used during the Vietnam War to slow bleeding until soldiers could get to a hospital.

Why I chose the Anti War Movement

I chose the anti war movement because it is a very interesting topic. The people protesting were rich children who paid to get out of the draft and when the middle class people got back they were called baby killers. They would be mad at the troops who had no say in t and just followed orders.