Principal's Newsletter

March 23, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Adelante Selby families,

I hope that everyone is doing well at home, taking care of themselves, and are healthy. There has been an incredible outpouring of community spirit and support from our Adelante Selby community which is very much appreciated during these difficult and uncertain times. As we begin the second week of at-home learning and working from home, I recognize that this situation is very overwhelming. Below I have included some information for coping with stress and anxiety, and communicating about COVID-19/Coronavirus with our children.

I want to thank all of the staff that helped to quickly put together and hand out the at home learning packets and materials last Tuesday, and the Chromebooks and WiFi Hot Spots for 3rd-5th grade families last Wednesday. Students should be encouraged to work daily at their pace and most importantly continue reading daily for 30 minutes. Teachers are working on different ways to reach out and connect with students. For example, the 3rd-5th grade teams use Google Classroom to post assignments. Subdirectora Leslie is going to hold a Facebook Live Read Aloud session tomorrow at 5:00pm on our school Facebook Page to which families can tune in(she's a great reader!). I want to thank the PTO Unidos group for setting up this Google Doc for Educational resources, and in Spanish which can be found here ,and childrens stories in Spanish here. Finally, a big reminder that the district has set up this web page for COVID-19/Corona Virus updates as well as at home learning educational resources.

For 3rd-5th families that were unable to come last Wednesday, the District will be giving out Chromebooks and WiFi Hot Spots again from the District Office this Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00am-1:00pm and from 3:00pm-5:00pm at the 750 Bradford Street address. Furthermore, the food distribution for Free Lunch for any child 18 and younger is still going on Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 12:00pm at Henry Ford, Garfield, and Hoover Schools. Cesar will be coordinating the Second Harvest Food Distribution this Thursday at Adelante Selby front parking lot from 3:30pm-5:00pm. The Fair Oaks Community Center has also set up a hotline of support for food, rent, or other basic needs at (650) 780-7500.

In this time of uncertainty and shelter in place, it is important that we focus on our overall well being and the well being of our families. Here are some tips that can provide you some comfort during these uncertain times. Create as much structure around work and at home learning as possible. Having a routine can be extremely helpful (e.g., waking up at a certain time every day, getting dressed and brushing teeth, scheduling time for schoolwork, play, and meals). If possible, take daily walks with your family to get some fresh air (being mindful to keep 6 feet apart from non-family members). On your walks, look for items in nature that you can research and learn more about when you get home. Play time is essential to child development and should also be included in your day, it can include outside activities, board games, art, playing music and dancing, etc. While it is a challenge for many families, it is important to limit video games, TV, and phone time. This is a tricky subject with children, but establishing a schedule that includes some screen time is essential. If you find that your children are feeling anxious or stressed during this time, carve out time to talk through how they are feeling, validate their emotions and model your own coping skills. Help them learn meditation and deep breathing exercises at There are plenty of free resources available online to help us manage anxiety and stress while at home. And most importantly, include family time in your daily schedule, this can help kids cope with uncertainty and feel loved and supported by their caregivers.

Therapist Dr. Dina from our community partner Acknowledge Alliance is available for individual counseling sessions and check in for all current students in counseling. She will be in contact with parents and caregivers to ask if counseling is something your children can benefit from during this time. If you are interested in counseling for your children and they are not currently in counseling, please email her at and she can help you find agencies in your community that offer telehealth for children.

The Child Mind Institute recommends the following points to speak about Coronavirus with your children:

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss the coronavirus. Most children will have already heard about the virus or seen people wearing face masks, so parents shouldn’t avoid talking about it. Not talking about something can actually make kids worry more. Look at the conversation as an opportunity to convey the facts and set the emotional tone. “You take on the news and you’re the person who filters the news to your kid,” explains Janine Domingues, PhD, a child psychologist at the Child Mind Institute. Your goal is to help your children feel informed and get fact-based information that is likely more reassuring than whatever they’re hearing from their friends or on the news.
  • Be developmentally appropriate. Don’t volunteer too much information, as this may be overwhelming. Instead, try to answer your child’s questions. Do your best to answer honestly and clearly. It’s okay if you can’t answer everything; being available to your child is what matters.
  • Take your cues from your child. Invite your child to tell you anything they may have heard about the coronavirus, and how they feel. Give them ample opportunity to ask questions. You want to be prepared to answer (but not prompt) questions. Your goal is to reassure your child.
  • Deal with your own anxiety. “When you’re feeling most anxious or panicked, that isn’t the time to talk to your kids about what’s happening with the coronavirus,” warns Dr. Domingues. If you notice that you are feeling anxious, take some time to calm down before trying to have a conversation or answer your child’s questions.
  • Be reassuring. Children are very egocentric, so hearing about the coronavirus on the news may be enough to make them seriously worry that they’ll catch it. It’s helpful to reassure your child that current research is showing the vast majority of documented cases are much rarer in children and with milder symptoms than adults.
  • Focus on what you’re doing to stay safe. An important way to reassure kids is to emphasize the safety precautions that you are taking. Jamie Howard, PhD, a child psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, notes, “Kids feel empowered when they know what to do to keep themselves safe.” We know that the coronavirus is transmitted mostly by coughing and touching surfaces. The CDC recommends thoroughly washing your hands as the primary means of staying healthy. So remind kids that they are taking care of themselves by washing their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds (or the length of two “Happy Birthday” songs) when they come in from outside, before they eat, and after blowing their nose, coughing, sneezing or using the bathroom. If kids ask about face masks, explain that the experts at the CDC say they aren’t necessary for most people. If kids see people wearing face masks, explain that those people are being extra cautious.
  • Stick to routine. “We don’t like uncertainty, so staying rooted in routines and predictability is going to be helpful right now,” advises Dr. Domingues. Make sure you are taking care of the basics just like you would during a spring break or summer vacation. Structured days with regular mealtimes and bedtimes are an essential part of keeping kids happy and healthy.
  • Keep talking. Tell kids that you will continue to keep them updated as you learn more. “Let them know that the lines of communication are going to be open,” says Dr. Domingues. “You can say, ‘Even though we don’t have the answers to everything right now, know that once we know more, mom or dad will let you know, too.’”

As you may know, the process for naming our school was interrupted due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation. At the Redwood City School Board meeting on Wednesday, March 11th, Superintendent Baker presented Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School as the final name choice for our school of the three choices given to him by the School Naming Committee(Adelante Spanish Immersion, Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion, and Unidos Spanish Immersion). The School Board still needs to hold another meeting to finalize the school name. I will keep you posted once I learn when this item is back on the School Board agenda.

Please visit our school website , Adelante Selby Facebook Page and our PTO/Unidos webpage and social media accounts:, Facebook and Instagram for more information.


Director Warren

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