Nerilka Deppen

My Personality

My Color

My color is red. Reds are flamboyant, dramadic, and energetic. They are jokesters and story tellers. Thet are easuly bored by tecnical maters.

Five words that discribe me!

I am Drumadic, energetic, flexible, fun, and adventurious. All over an exciting person.

Hobies and Jobs

some of my hobies are shoping, talking to people, and drawing. recumended jobs are librarean, secrutairy, or paramedic.

my positive qualities

I am inerjetic all the time, I encourage others, plan for the futcher, work well with others, and positive thinker. 

How I Effect The Class.

I bring excitement to the class room. but I can be sereious at times. I am a nateral leader but injoy being in the backround as well. sometimes i can be distracting to others. i love to help others with there problems.