Presidential vs. Parliamentary

Jared & Tyler


  • President is Head of State and Chef Executive
  • President is separate from legislative body
  • Government is elected by the people
  • Provides a system called Checks and Balances to even out power between government branches


  • Chief executive is part of the legislative body
  • Chef Executive and Head of State are the same people
  • Legislator is elected by the people

Differences between presidential and parliamentary

  • In presidential government the president is not a part of the legislative body.
  • In a parliamentary government the chief executive is part of the legislative body
  • In the presidential government once the president is elected he has to stay for his entire term unless he is impeached which is a difficult process.
  • In the parliamentary government the legislative body can vote for a new chief executive.

Similarities in Presidential and Parlimentary government

  • People elect the representatives
  • Leader is the head of military and runs the government
  • Both have a headbof state