Exploring Identity Through Poetry with Charles R. Smith, Jr.

CRSjr Writers 2017

4th Grade #CRSJr Writers

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I Am

I am one of six kids.

I am a big brother to one brother and two sisters.

I am a protector for my family.

I am the Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I am Raleigh, the capital city.

I am chicken fried rice.

I am building train tracks to travel my world.

I am an L.A. dreamer.

I am sunny side up with a smile that shines.

I am the author in a world of books.

I am Call of Duty missions.

I am a pistol.

I am lucky.

I am fresh.

I am sharp as a knife.

I am quick as a flash, mind always moving.

I am strong as King Kong beating my way through life.

I am a tall handsome black boy.

I am me!


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I am soccer.

I am Messi.

I am big bedrooms.

I am Fifa 17.

I am chocolate ice cream.

I am fate and the furious.

I am the ripper.

I am great saves by Nuer.

I am the foot like Neymar.

I am ten books.

I am a pretend nerd with glasses.

I am multiplication.

I am UNC.

I am Barcelona ball.

I am a cool reader.

I am Minecraft.

I am scary Movies.

I am ME.


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I Am

I am 2006 November 8 history.

I am All Star Isaiah Thomas.

I am working to be a millionaire.

I am feathers of wisdom.

I am lights of heaven.

I am African American history of my world.

I am an eagle of fate.

I am tires of flame.

I am number one.

I am hip hop.

I am second child of my god.

I am the greatest child alive.

I am pictures of gods.

I am the child of hope.

I am trees of life.

I am Roblox.

I am me!


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I Am

I am peanuts.

I am dutch.

I am ripped.

I am cut.

I am weights.

I am money.

I am BBQ.

I am funny.

I am fractions, king I am.

I am day light as the sky.

I am green grass, super speed flash.

I am blue, sweet as mellow yellow.

I am talented.

I am a glazed honey bun.

I am a baller.

I am America.

I am life.

I am super.

I am Michael Jackson.

I am always relaxin'.

Don't you see?

I am me!


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I Am

I am Minecraft.

I am the feet and head of Messi.

I am ooey gooey butter cake.

I am dusk blue.

I am El Salvador.

I am Mexico.

I am Chapel Hill.

I am dreaming big.

I am loving pandas.

I am red pandas.

I am a cute hopping energizer bunny.

I am a navigator steering my ship.

I am a shooting bullet.

I am Roblox.

I am me!


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I Am

I am black hurricanes.

I am braided, twisted hair.

I am June 20.

I am mint chocolate ice cream.

I am the sweet in an icy Coca-cola.

I am the Boss Baby.

I am a black Nissan moving from place to place.

I am Chinese fried rice.

I am self-assured.

I am red roses in the garden.

I am a beautiful black QUEEN.

I am Mia Desiree Noel.

I am ME!


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I Am

I am strong like bookshelves.

I am TCBY mint.

I am Cavaliers.

I am teal blue.

I am fast like jaguars.

I am a drawer of lions.

I am a monkey jumping high.

I am a baseball runner.

I am a basketball layup.

I am Big Nate.

I am an independent reader.

I am inside out feelings.

I am a neat writer.

I am hard-working at math.

I am a brave athlete.

I am a great sport.

I am responsible for the rooms in my life.

I am a great friend maker.

I am big win basketball.

I am rewards for good actions.

I am the red in Clifford.

I am Legos on a green Lego board.

I am relaxed on the warm beach.

I am white and black striped Adidas jackets.

I am matched every day.

I am a laugh challenger.

I am Jasiah Keray Noel.

I am ME!


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I Am

I am Kemba Walker’s jump shot.

I am the lead on a pencil sketching my life.

I am UNC championship titles.

I am the fire on the sun.

I am the sign on a pair of Jordans.

I am Odell’s touchdown dance.

I am the eyes of a wise cat.

I am a shark’s sharp tooth.

I am the color of the Charlotte Hornets.

I am the glowing white of heaven

I am me!


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I Am

I am Origami Yoda.

I am great saves from De Gea.

I am great celebrations from Ronaldo.

I am Guardians of the Galaxy.

I am Baby Groot, small but furious.

I am Lamborghini fast as Flash.

I am UNC champions.

I am Carolina panthers tackling.

I am a one digit number in life and on the field.

I am the soccer of Gareth Bale.

I am the goals of Real Madrid.

I am the fire breathing dragon scoring goals.

I am Carolina blue.

I am the talent of Lionel Messi.

I am me!


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I Am

I am the BFG tall and towering.

I am the stitched mouth from Coraline.

I am Allen Iverson dribbling skills that impress.

I am the Grinch on Mondays.

I am alpaca hair.

I am Kobe Bryant cross-ups.

I am Jimmy Butler navigating life without love.

I am Devin Booker's fade aways.

I am rainbow ice cream with swirls.

I am a 3D printer building pieces of my life.

I am me!


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I Am

I am a beautiful shade of black.

I am the sleepy days of weekends.

I am pepperoni, hamburger and sausage pizza.

I am the voice of Trey Songz.

I am the swag of Beyonce.

I am a chapter of Dork Diaries.

I am a strong big sister.

I am an artist painting my world.

I am birthday cake ice cream.

I am the sweet in cold iced tea.

I am a bright red tulip growing strong each day.

I am a National Champion Tar Heel.

I am ME!

5th Grade #CRSjr Writers

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I Am

I am contortion on wood blocks.

I am chalk on hands with rips.

I am rodents surrounding my heart.

I am bright and colorful hair.

I am a ying-yang sign.

I am loud and I shout.

I am Picasso.

I am Sofie Dossi.

I am always hanging from a rope or hoop.

I am Annie LaBanc.

I am Simone Biles.

I am horseback riding.

I am caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

I am the beautiful butterfly landing on the trophy in the center of the stage.

I am sausage and pepperoni pizza.

I am Greek language in love.

I am like a rubber band.

I am a choker.

I am Harley Quinn.

I am me!


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I Am

I am from a purple world.

I am Roblox where adventures start.

I am WWE with a phenomenal forearm.

I am stuffed animals fluffy as clouds.

I am yummy shrimp with steak.

I am September were leaves fall and crunch on your feet.

I am football catching and throwing all day long.

I am Tarheels wrecking teams to the top.

I am glasses and blind as a bat.

I am Call of Duty Shartor15.

I am Super Smash Bros nothing can beat me.

I am an active person sweating like crazy.

I am anime with cool power and magic.

I am movies with sad and happy endings.

I am me!


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I Am

I am a lazy cat.

I am a T-Rex.

I am a cool stylish jogger pant-wearing 5th grader.

I am a fast Veneno Lamborghini.

I am an algorithm solver.

I am a beast mode Call of Duty gamer.

I am a fast feet jump roper.

I am a Thailand rice eating kid.

I am a beef biting boy.



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I Am

I am Stephen Curry's shot.

I am blue hover boards.

I am basketball goal swishes everyday.

I am beast every time I lift weights.

I am delicious State Fair turkey legs.

I am Golden State Warriors.

I am Chris Brown dances.

I am Michael Jackson moonwalks.

I am blue and gold of U.C.L.A basketball.

I am Kobe Bryant's fadeaway.

I am long video game weekends.

I am Super Mario Logan movie.

I am Xbox One live card.

I am a shiny golden Lamborghini Aventador.

I am the Carolina blue of UNC basketball.

I am the hip hop break dancer of my school.

I am cheese fries and mild wings from Outback.

I am die-hard Tar Heel.

I am me!


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I Am

I am hilarious telling jokes.

I am forgiving.

I am a lazy cat.

I am Durham, Chapel Hill and New York City.

I am from a mom who cares.

I am the oldest of four.

I am a lion king.

I am Lebron shooting hoops.

I am me!


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I Am

I am Ronaldo.

I am a red Corvette F1.

I am a face plant on my dirt bike.

I am the youngest of five.

I am carne asada tacos.

I am Lukas Modric.

I am a wall like Navas.

I am a pupusa.

I am a German Shepherd.

I am friends of all.

I am from two parents of El Salvador.

I am a reader of everything.

I am a James Rodriguez victory dance.

I am me!


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I Am

I am nature's core.

I am the protective hands of covering up my growing chicks.

I am an old dirt road left battered and broken.

I am a spiral design as unique as a butterfly.

I am a BFG.

I am Albert Einstein.

I am a pink rose starting to bloom.

I am bold and beautiful.

I am young and running wild.

I am the footprints in the beach sand.

I am the song in my heart.

I am a motionless zombie.

I am a young mind.

I am dynamite about to explode.

I am me!


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I Am

I am Marshawn Lynch trucking everybody.

I am Odell Beckham Jr.

I am a soaring airplane over my bed.

I am the comfort of my Lab Retriever dog.

I am my caring mom.

I am my grandma’s laugh.

I am the fun in my dad.

I am Kobe Bryant shooting threes.

I am Micheal Jordan dunks.

I am Walter Payton outrunning everybody.

I am three shots and dunks of Vince Carter.

I am cheeseburgers.

I am Carolina Panthers at the Super Bowl.

I am number eleven.

I am Babe Ruth hitting home runs.

I am shoeless Joe Jackson.

I am a wolf howling in the forest.

I am NBA 2K17 shooting threes in people’s faces.

I am Madden 17 Odelling over everybody.

I am Tyran Matthew intercepting the ball.

I am Brandon Marshall mossing everybody.

I am my football always getting played.

I am blue Gatorade.

I am my PS4 playing games.

I am Rocket League kicking the ball in the goal.

I am fresh like ripe strawberries.

I am me!


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I Am

I am Bull City.

I am a tall gypsy.

I am Rosa Parks.

I am blinged out.

I am one of twelve children.

I am a pit bull.

I am Tamela Mann.

I am gospel.

I am a tiger.

I am my grandma.

I am Charlotte’s Acura.

I am the Migos.

I am Hargraves.

I am October.

I am grape soda.

I am chocolate ice cream.

I am a corset.

I am red roses.

I am blue sky on a sunny day.

I am a bee.

I am Gabby Douglas.

I am Jan Brett.

I am the spotlight.

I am Dr. Seuss.

I am a traveler.

I am Clifford.

I am happy feet.

I am my brown world.

I am a colorful world.

I am two place gold.

I am a blue & white Tar Heel.

I am Miedas.

I am me!


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I Am

I am a drizzy queen nothing but myself.

I am the Smith family tree.

I am red leaves in the fall.

I am awake in the ocean breeze.

I am a chapter in a book of Dork Diaries.

I am a vase not easily broken.

I am the creator of my mind.

I am a believer in my mind.

I am the youngest marcher.

I am one of four.

I am the capital of North Carolina.

I am a beautiful box braid queen.

I am the word “powerful” in the dictionary.

I am a blue and white Tar-heel.



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I Am

I am Michael Jackson moves.

I am my mom's hugs.

I am my sister's mean words.

I am Saturday morning pancakes and waffles.

I am Red Sox shortstop.

I am a gentleman waiting and holding doors.

I am a nerd with big glasses.

I am a hot July bouncing baby boy.

I am steak on Monday nights.

I am apple on a hot summer day.

I am fishing in spring.

I am baseball in summer.

I am basketball any day.

I am The Cat in the Hat movie.

I am Green Eggs and Ham.

I am the Magic Kingdom.

I am celebrating UNC on Franklin Street.

I am me!