Dance Careers

Destinee Currie

Dance Photographer

    A dance photographer takes pictures of the dancers during their routines. That person is good at taking motion shots of dancers in med leap, jumps turns etc.The training for dance photographer is vocational and art schools offer one and two year certificate programs. Students learn basic photograhy techiques as well as how to use cameras an lighting equipment. Also photojurnlism. The education for this is   you must have a Bachelor degree or a master degree.Degrees in photography typically help develop the technical and artistic talents of photographers. The average salary $19,000. The job markert is pretty good but there is also not a lot of job for the photograph. You have to be patient with people when you are working with technology.

Dance Therapist

    Dance is mostly made of art also direct expression , communication. The training for dance therapist are five approved DMT programs spread all around the United States in colleges.Thoses who have a Masters's degree in this fieldsThe education for this carrer is you have to take dance/movement therapy classes. Therapist ranged closer to $40,000-$50,000 salary a year.The characteristics are courage, body awareness, mindfulness,improvisational skills, the understanding that you wont ever be same, the ability to get out of your own way , flexibility, kindness.You could be successful by helping people out in the future

Dance Director

 A Dance Director is in charge of hiring dancers and cheographers,running rehersals, and making decisions regarding creative and practical elements of the production.Training as  a dancer begins very early in life, usually between the ages of five and 15. Training is usually done with a private teacher or in a ballet school. Teenagers who show the greatest potential are likely to acquire more intensive and specialized training. The education needed for this is Bachelors of Fine Arts or Masters. Any dance is helpful. The median salary in 2013 was $44,130.Between 2012 and 2022, the number of people employed as choreographers is expected to grow at about 24%, which is a faster rate than that for other occupations. Dance director have to be paitent with students while teaching the dance material.