ISlide 7

Entreprenuer: Mariah



*Slide out keyboard

*Front is all touchscreen, no home button.

*Touchscreen, Fingerprint, to unlock Iphone 7 slide.

*Multiple Speakers

*Same size as an Iphone 5

*Portable Wifi placed inside the phone.

* 145 G

The ISlide 7 is more advanced than any of the Iphones.

Set Up

I plan to use all my savings, get loans and get donations from people and businesses in order to fund my product. Any help is appreciated greatly!

I will hire close to 50 people at the creation of the ISlide7 and hire more as they get more popular. Beginning in a small business in Kansas City, Kansas. Shortly after, Teaming up with Apple will help to gain more helpers and get more money to produce them.

Expected Arrival for ISlide 7

Saturday, July 16th 2016 at 7am

ISlide 7, Kansas City, Kansas

Contact Information

If there are any questions, concerns, or suggestions for the ISlide 7 please contact me at any of the following. Thank You!