Emma Vergara Block 6/8

Babies Bath

Me and my Cousin,

So Young, So Bold

As we both,

Wanted to be

Mothers when we grow old.

We searched,

And searched,

For the lovely dolls,

And claimed them as our own.

We played,

And played,

Till my cousin did say,

"Our babies look tired,

Our babies need a nap,

But before they do that-

They needed a bath."

We rushed quickly

To the bathroom

We plopped them in the cold water,

"Clean them, oh so clean."

We dunked them




Until we heard a knock on the door.

Slowly the door opened

My sister stood there in shock

Seeing the dolls in the toilet

She couldn't even talk!

We grinned giant grins

She grabbed our hands

Closing the bowl.

"Go wash your hands or I'll tell dear mom."

She rushed down stairs

Yelling for mom

Let me tel you,

We were in for a big talk.