Information flow

In organisations

How information flows within organisations

There are different ways information is sent or transferred across organisations from everyone involved such as employees, managers, bosses, departments etc.

Downward flow: This type of flow is where in the organisations hierarchy the information is sent down from the top tiers like from managers, bosses, important people in the organisation downwards to the lower ranks such as workers, employees who aren't considered as important.

Upward flow: This type of flow is like downward flow except the complete opposite so instead of higher ranks sending information to the lower ranks the lower ranked members like workers, employees who can be replaced easier sends information to the higher ranks who are less replaceable like managers, bosses etc up the organisational ladder.

Vertical flow: This type of flow is like downward and upward except it transfers information on the X axis instead of the Y axis so the information isn't sent to higher or lower ranks inside the organisation and instead is sent to people in the same rank so instead of a department sending information to workers or managers they would send information to other departments and another example is a worker giving information to another worker etc.

Data flow diagram example

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