#TeamHarv Scouting Report

Week of January 11 - January 15

Life Principle of the Week

EMPATHY- the ability to understand or share feelings of others

“We share pain; we share in the triumph over pain.” - Unknown Author

The Weeks in Review

I hope you all had an incredible Winter break! I missed seeing each and every one of your kids at school, but Monday they came in bursting with smiles, stories, and a yawns. I tried to get as many stories as I could, and I hope the time was enjoyable for everyone! Back at school though we didn't waste any time getting back to work.

In Science, we spent the weeks before Winter break going over the relationships between the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon. We learned about seasons and days and what causes each one. We also spent time walking the solar system (literally), learning about size and scale and the vastness of space, and how craters are left on the Moon. We had a lot of fun learning opportunities those last few days before break!

In Social Studies, we have learned about life in some of the early colonies. These early colonies will lead to the formation of a new nation, but we aren't there yet. This past week we studied the original colonies and what made each one unique.

On Deck: Science & Social Studies

Early next week we will begin learning about the landforms on Earth and how they are created. In Social Studies, we will begin our projects on the early colonies and have to convince our classmates to join our colony!

Austin Elementary Clusters Showcase

Friday, Jan. 15th, 8:30am

Austin Cafeteria

Come and see all the incredible things that took place in Clusters this year! We are excited to share it all with the community!

Austin Intramurals

We are finishing up football, and our next sport is going to be basketball. Be on the look out for a permission slip sometime next week if your child is interested in learning more about the great game of basketball and playing with friends at the time time (WHO ISN'T?!)

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