The Odd Squad

Bully Bait by Michael Fry

Meet the characters


The Odd Squad: Bully Bait is about a 12 year-old boy that thinks he’s the shortest kid in school and in the world. He had things go bad for him because of his shortness, for example, he never blended in with anyone and wasn’t able to be in any group for he didn’t fit in. that was just the beginning of bad for him! He got bullied by this student named Roy, he would grab Nick by his leg, stuff him in lockers, and bother him in hurtful ways. Roy was a bully and not a very nice one. The janitor would find Nick in lockers, he’d ask him who did it, but Nick never told him. When the principal found out, he put Nick in a Safety Patrol Team with the tall Molly and Karl, that has no problem being in the team and making new friends. Nick would call Molly and Karl when he got stuffed in a locker, they would come help him. Molly and Nick didn’t like the idea of this team, afterward when they made a difference, they both started seeking attention into their team and gave focus. Nick wanted to stop being bullied and stuffed In lockers but he got put in a Safety Patrol Team, so he thought that was gonna be the worst thing ever. Then he knew he always had someone to help him when he gets stuck in lockers. Finally he realized the team isn’t that bad and has made a difference.