January 2, 2014

Friday Focus!

Happy New Year!

I trust everyone enjoyed time with their family and friends over the break and are excited to greet our students back in the building. Mother Nature is giving you another day to rest up, get out there and build a snowman.

Here are a few ideas to entertain in the New Year:

* Assume positive intentions and capabilities in all people.

* No one is to blame, but all are responsible. Eliminate "us vs. them" thinking.

* It's okay to be wrong and to change our minds.

* Change doesn't have to be hard and painful; it can be "fun".

Using Calendar as a math tool

My training in early childhood education included displaying the calendar as a whole month, instead of adding a day at a time. It has taken me a bit, but I have found an article on helping students understand calendar connections and concepts.


Delayed Start Day, Wednesday January 8

I haven't received confirmation, but I believe OP staff will meet at OP at 7:30 am.

Working on Curriculum maps for Art, Technology and Physical Education.

Grade levels to continue working on Essential Learning Outcomes for Reading.

The morning program for students has been planned to take place at the bowling alley.

Janurary 20, PD day

Tentative plan for the district PD day includes:


ASD training at OP for staff (teachers, paras) who interact with autistic students.

DRA2 video/discussion for teachers

Looking into MAISA writing units


First aide/CPR training

Upcoming Events:

January 6 Snow Day, Leadership Team meeting rescheduled to January 13 at 3:45.

January 7 Child Study meetings...those impacted will be emailed schedule

January 8 Staff meeting at 9:30 in Pam's room.