Benefits of Being Physically Active

Rosecella, Estrella, & Leticia

Move More Weigh Less

Physical activity can in include playing sports "heavy" gardening or housework or a physically active occupation . being physically active decreases the chamces of being mobily impaired (such as being unable to walk distances,climb stairs, maintain balance,etc.)

Getting Physically Active May Increase Your Chances Of Surviving Cancer

An active lifestyle is strongly linked to reduce the risk of breast and colon cancer to recur after being treated , exercise also prevents obesity , which is a high risk factor for certain doesnt take alot to get started, you just got to stay on a daily routine.

Why should i be physically active for 60 minutes a day? ? Whats in it for me ?

Exercising and burning the consumed amount of calories by a mixtures of aerobic exercises that help oxygen absorption & transportation & muscle strengthening exercises are important for a person to reduce weight.

Being physically active improves health & you can manage weight. Regular physical activities keeps you physically and mentally active and can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease,diabetes&high blood pressure.