Plate Tectonics Evidence

Cameron Wheat

Continental Drift

A theory on how continents could move and change positions. It was brought up a long time ago by Wegener when he found a book in the library and wasn't taken seriously, its gained evidence and is now proven to be true that continents moved over team a very long time ago.

Fossil Evidence

Fossils are clues usually from ages ago that give us information about early life. They sometimes are dinosaur bones that we have collected and learned a lot about to model out how dinosaurs would of looked a very long time ago. People would compete for fossils.

Rock Evidence

The evidence in rock of the presence of a plant or an animal from an earlier time of life. The evidences were collected all around the world and were similar types of rock and plants, part of the evidence used for the continental drift.

Plate Tectonics

Its the plates by the outer core that move and can cause earthquakes and volcanoes. They are usually in similar spots and have patterns around the coast of continents/states they are common and sometimes can be spread out in random spots.

Seafloor Spreading

In a process called seafloor spreading, magma rises and cools to make new crust at oceanic ridges. This crust is younger than the crust farther away, which shows that there must be a divergent.

Earthquake and Volcano Mapping

Plates where there is earthquakes and volcanoes in a pattern. They are usually in a pattern and around the same place on the coastlines and usually stack on each other, sometimes can happen in random spots but not likely.

Hot Spots

Island chains like Hawaii may help to prove the existence of plates. A hot spot or mantle plume is an area under the crust that is hotter and causes magma to rise. Hot spots are not close to plate boundaries.