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January: A New Year

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Networking Your Way to a Successful 2018

Now that the break has come to an end, it’s a new year and a chance for a new YOU! When considering New Year’s resolutions, you might toss around exercising more, cutting back on sweets, or devoting more time to studying. Those are fantastic, and you should commit to those! There’s another one that you might not often consider, but it is extremely important: networking! While it sounds daunting to most, you can build your professional self with the right tools and, most importantly, confidence.

Let’s start small.

Whether you are an engineering or history major, your professors don’t live in a bubble. They have studied and/or worked in their respective fields for some time. Don’t let the first week of classes pass by without introducing yourself to them and and paying them a visit during office hours. This not only boosts your motivation to succeed in class, but it also establishes a professional relationship that can assist and guide you in the future. You may visit them later to ask for a letter of recommendation, a referral to an employer, or advice on which specific area to pursue within your field. In short, your professors aren’t just professors—they are people, too! Don’t be afraid to connect with them.

Moving on to a popular professional networking website: LinkedIn!

If you have heard of LinkedIn and shrugged it off as a waste of time, I urge you to reconsider. So what is LinkedIn you ask? Essentially, it’s the professional Facebook. The AU Career Center Job Search Guide describes it as “a dynamic social media hub for prospective employees, recruiters, and current talent to interact in a social and collegial environment.” It also points out that 87% of recruiters indicated they use LinkedIn to actively search for candidates, while 90% of recruiters under 45 find LinkedIn effective in sourcing talent. To get started, create a profile that includes the following: a professional headshot, a professional summary, and listings of your education, work experience, involvement, and skills. There are additional areas such as projects and volunteering that you can add as well. From there, start connecting with peers. They can endorse the skills that you have listed on your profile if they choose. If they do, return the favor! Join groups that align with your professional interests, and engage in discussions to boost your online presence. Check out if you start to feel bombarded with information—they have helpful tutorials!

Once you have established your profile and core network, use the next tool: This feature is one of my favorite networking resources. You can search by Auburn University alumni working in your field. From there, you can filter by location, company, and industry. After identifying individuals that interest you, send them a connection request. If they accept, send them a brief message introducing yourself as a current Auburn student majoring in ____. Include an explanation of how you came across their profile and were interested in their background. Ask if they are available and willing to discuss their experience at Auburn and in their career via email or over the phone (or in person for locals). Worst case scenario: they say no. That’s fine—just thank them for their time and move on to the next individual. People generally enjoy serving as a guide for others, especially when you are connected through Auburn.

With that being said, anyone can be a source for networking: peers, family friends, parents, faculty advisors for campus organizations, recruiters at career fairs, the barista at your favorite coffee shop…anyone! Don’t be shy. Network your way into a successful career path in 2018. It’s a resolution that will pay off over a lifetime.

Check out pages 28-29 of the Job Search Guide for more tips on building your LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn is very useful for networking and job searching. The alumni feature of LinkedIn ( is helpful for connecting with Auburn alumni!


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Anna Claire Peaden

Anna Claire has been with the Career Center for over two years and is now one of the Career Center's Graduate Assistants. She is originally from Elberta, AL which is near Foley and Gulf Shores. After visiting her three siblings during their time at Auburn, Anna Claire fell in love with the community (and the lemonade), and decided to join the AU Family. Four-and-a-half years later and she's now pursuing a Master's in Education, focusing on student affairs in colleges and universities. She hopes to pursue a full-time position in career counseling upon graduation. When she's not working or studying, you can find her swing dancing at least twice a week!

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