Water Crisis in Sudan

What are the problems in Sudan

Sudan faces a logical crisis like water scarcity and desertification.The demand for water increases ,but its availability to the country's inhabitants continually remains low . While rainfall provides for small community's , the Sudanese are at a high risk of contracting water borne diseases .The effect of the water supply for a village , if one person is infected then they are harming the total area .This account for 97% of its water . In Sudan about 2% of its water is available for domestic use . A well was built for the St. Bartholomew's Orphanage and now provides clean water for 130 orphans in Southern Sudan . This effects 38,764,090 people .

What can be done to fix this ?

Wells , dams, and rain they give them water and the rain catchment systems that can provide them drinking water . The sanitation and hygiene training will help them to multiply the impact. Providing the access to clean and make the water safer to drink. The water project works very closely with the locals .They partner up and team up to develope the programs to clean the water. The relationships and the commitments to the people they can serve .