Sunday Announcements

September 6, 2015


Hi everyone!

Put these dates in your calendars!


Formal emailed excuses are due to me by November 1 because they must be submitted to Nationals for approval. Unexcused absences are fined $30/day.. so get me those!

The O-Week documents are still open so if you meet some fabulous ladies, feel free to still submit them!

I'm attaching the FMR Rules for you all to be familiar with on Wednesday after they are officially voted on. If you have any questions, contact me.

Thanks so much and remember that you're always recruiting <3

Much love in AOT and FMR,


VP OPERATIONS Jen Mandelblatt


APOs see you in the chapter room at 11:00 tomorrow!!

E'RYBODY IN THE CLUB: fill this out so we can figure out our strengths as a chapter and what we need to work on! Also it's MANDATORY from nationals:



Don't let the Shamrock Committee and I look like this! We are doing such amazing work for an amazing cause.

Next week is our Shamrock Prep Day. Come for donuts, photoshoots, sisterhood, helping with PR, and more! Just to recap the requirements:

Big image


submit high-quality pictures of you and your friend in another sorority (Panhel or MGLC) to be featured for International Women's Friendship Month to me (mc2225) with a little blurb about your friendship. and keep posting with the hashtag #sistercrushsunday! there have been some super cute ones so far!

cover photos to advertise for shamrock will be coming out this week, so keep an eye out for thewednesday announcements! and make sure to be at shamrock prep day next sunday so you can get a new profile picture to help promote shamrock as well.

friendly beginning-of-the-year reminder to keep your social media clean, especially when referencing Kappa Delta at all. don't post something that you wouldn't want your future employer or faculty advisor to see! if you have any questions about that, don't hesitate to contact me :)

peace, love, wegman's,


VP STANDARDS Madeline Miceli


Thank you to our lovely sober volunteers for this upcoming week! I am so happy to see so many sisters volunteering for events! :)

For sophomores and seniors: I need one representative from each class to serve on the standards board! The standards board is a group of representatives from each graduating class who join me and our standards Chapter Advisory Board member, Diane Schafer, during standards board meetings. Standards board meetings only occur under certain circumstances where members do not follow rules, and the time commitment level is quite low. In chapter on September 20th, we will be electing two new members (one sophomore and one senior). If you are interested in serving or have any questions about the commitment please reach out to me! You will be expected to stand up in chapter and give a ~1 minute speech on why you are interested in representing your class on the standards board.

Please see attached for the fun KD facts sheet. This should serve as a reminder to everyone of your responsibilities as a member of our house <3 Of course reach out to me if you have any specific questions!

I love you and hope you have a super duper week!



Thank you everyone for signing up for an AOT group! Our first event, Day of Demeter, is this Saturday and we need at least 15-20 girls to sign up by THIS WEDNESDAY. It's a fun event where the entire Greek community gets together and does various service projects around Ithaca. And there are three shifts so you only have to go for a brief period of time! You can follow the link below to sign up. AOT GROUP PEARL is assigned (although anyone can go!). Reminder: if you are in pearl this means you are required to either go or get someone to go in your place!

Appointed Officer Announcements


Hi everyone! As I said in chapter, I'm available if anyone would like to meet with me to talk about Career Fair/practice elevator pitches/have me look at your resume/generally derp around, so hmu at or 201-783-2285 if you're interested!

EVENTS CHAIR Elise Czuchna

Date Night on Friday, October 23rd! It'll be from 9:30-11:30pm at Miyake and Plum Tree. It's a Screw, so start thinking of people you can set your sisters up with. Also, it will be Madeline Lings birthday so even more reason to celebrate that day. Sign up sheets won't be going out for a couple of weeks, but it will be done by seniority! Thank you!

SOCIALZ Allee, Claire, and Charlene

Hey party people! Get ready for our jam packed weekend!

So we still have tonight's mixer with DKE and tomorrow we have a BBQ with Sigep at 2 (Hawaiian shirts optional)!

These two mixers are still on the mixer signup so keep signing up if you're going! As for next weeekkkkkkkk



AGR BBQ 5pm @ the house! There will be volleyball and the social said there will be regular burgers, veggie burgers, and "summer sides"

ZBT mixer 10 pm @ their annex THEME: TBD


AEPi wine tour! AEPi will send rides for the pregame/breakfast around 9:15 and buses will leave from AEPi for the tour at 10! We will be going to 2 wineries (Magnus Ridge and Torey Ridge) ONLY SENIORS CAN SIGN UP TODAY at 5:30 tomorrow, juniors can start signing up. ThenTuesday at 5:30, sophomores can start signing up. As of right now, only 40 girls can go, I'll try to see if we can get more but no promises.

Pike mixer 10 pm @ the house THEME: TBD

Sign up for all the regular mixers here (Pike signup is after the Sigep signup)


Other Announcements

Barclays Junior Success

Hey Class of 2017ers! Interested in finance? Check out this opportunity to learn about financial services internships – it’s a great way to get your foot in the door early at Barclays. I worked there last summer in Sales & Trading and had an incredible experience. Let me know if you have any questions!

-Justine Brennan


As a junior, you're thinking ahead to life after graduation. It's time to expand the skill set needed to make the start of your career in financial services a great one.

Junior Success: Practical application and internship interviews

The two-day Barclays Junior Success program will help you develop your capabilities and gain the knowledge you need as you start your professional life at Barclays. When you apply for Junior Success, you will choose from one of two tracks: Banking or Markets and Research. Both tracks feature interactive business-led panels, workshops and networking events – and could serve as the jump-start to your future career at Barclays. Along with skill-building sessions, Junior Success includes the chance to interview for our 2016 Analyst Internship Program in the business division you prefer. Attendees are also eligible to interview for our Inspiring Excellence Scholarship, which awards exceptional students up to $10,000 for tuition and academic expenses.

At Barclays, we believe diverse teams bring varied perspectives, skills and experiences to our organization. Junior Success is designed to attract and educate high-achieving, underrepresented candidates, including female, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American and LGBTQAI students, as well as military veterans and students with disabilities.

Program dates:

•Markets and Research: November 3–4, 2015

•Banking: November 5–6, 2015

In order to qualify, you must:

•Be in the class of 2017, pursuing a bachelor's degree in any major

•Have a minimum cumulative 3.2 GPA

•Have an interest in Banking, Public Finance, Research or Sales and Trading

Click here to apply by September 27, 2015

Message from Panhel about CCG

Dear Panhellenic Women,

We are pleased to announce that the Cornell Consulting Group is actively looking to recruit intelligent and motivated freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from the Panhellenic community in Fall 2015.

The Cornell Consulting Group is a student-run organization that works with top-level management at regional and local companies, non-profit organizations, and government entities to offer strategy and consulting services. Accepted applicants will work on challenging and unique projects with other qualified students who possess a strong interest in business or technology.

Information sessions will be held on:

Tuesday, September 8th, Thurston 203, 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Thursday, September 10th, Phillips 219, 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend at least one information session. To apply, please submit your resume including your GPA on the "Recruitment" page of by next Thursday, September 10th at 11:59pm. For more information, please see the attached quarter card.