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How do we change?

Well first we need to identify what needs to change, otherwise how can we determine what direction we desire our life to go?

Then we want to assess what tools to use in achieving this new direction? Are these new tools going to be based on the same mindset / attitude, or would it make sense to come to an understanding that this will not work very well?

So we know that in order to change our life, it cannot come from a premise that is based on past thinking and consequent repetitive actions. In other words, we have to implant a new program to replace the old. The past has served us in a myriad of ways up until this point, so it helps at the outset to realize that for the most part, the past cannot be altered, for it can be recalled at will, however our future can be changed!

If we liken the past to painful times we have endured during our lives and we remember how we were able to place it somewhere in an inaccessible part of our mind, we know that over time it faded and became mostly forgotten, right? This process can be sped up if we sub plant it with another mindset, new thoughts, different agenda, a very powerful and effective tool in bringing forth desired change!

After the implant / impostor is in place for a while, it runs somewhat parallel to the old, however as the new program is continually embedded, eventually it begins to dominate the old. We want to 'ease out' of one mindset into the desired other, if too dramatic to begin with, any change that's attempted will be an uphill battle, so it has to be done in an almost deliberate, but unconscious way.

So then, we get the idea that we want to sub-plant the old with the new. This takes time, repetition, until the new becomes the norm.

So; how is the new program put into place? No, not by affirmations, and not by visualization. The new program has to actually be; 'thought about constantly', even in our idle moments. If we voice it out aloud, preferably in 2 separate sessions 20-30 mins daily, morning and evenings, it works even better. It works best while walking, because the act of walking is called a cross crawl movement.

Walking adds to the effect on the brain, for it enhances what we wish to learn due to the integration of both hemispheres, hence opening new neural pathways. This has the powerful effect of overwhelming the old modes of being, what we want to leave behind, is accelerated. Personally I do my walks in the house for privacy reasons.

Be very aware that the old you, will fight for it's very existence at every turn. The status quo, is a comfortable state of being. When this happens, become aware and push on through. If a session is not so good one day, tell yourself that tomorrow will be another opportunity to do better. So write down in context what needs to change, and what the new you will feel like?

Over time this changes to become more refined and clear, just keep at it, do the walks, and you will be surprised at how our deeper knowing comes up with real solutions, beyond what you could ever have thought about consciously. We will have called upon and opened the much more powerful version of our mind ( the all knowing subconscious), it takes over and supports our most heartfelt and intimate desires.

The more we over ride the old program, in time, the less it's impetus and influence until eventually it loses out to the new program, the parallel life is beaten down to become a oneness, we will have become a different paradigm of being, the new you is awakened, and you alone did it all!

'Health is Wealth'.
Greg Gordon - Natural Therapist
Dip, Natural Healing - NS,ID,SM,RM
Certified -CA,CH.