The Foods of Extremadura

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Spain’s "best-kept travel secret"

Extremadura is a mostly flat region with two rivers, Guadiana and Tajo, that cross into Spain's neighboring country, Portugal. Extremadura itself is right on the border with Portugal as seen in the Picture above. The overall climate of Extremadura is a Mediterranean climate, which means it has warm, wet winters with westerly winds and calm, hot, dry summers.


Torta del Casar — "The Wedding Cake"

The Wedding Cake is a popular type of cheese in the region of Extremadura. It is

made ​​with raw sheep milk, then curdled. This makes the cheese get an almost creamy texture. It is the main feature the cheese.

Caldereta de cordero — "Lamb Stew"

Extremadura is noteworthy for dishes with lamb stew.


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