Smoking? I Don't Think So!!!

Why Smoking Is SO Uncool.


Most people will start smoking when they're under 18 years old. In fact, the average for first-time smokers is a mere 13 years old!!! Yeah, 13 years old. Any 7th grader you see could have already smoked his/her 1st cigarette. In fact, kids this age usually start smoking because they have certain influences around. Influences such as friends, family, media.

Smoking Effects

The effects of smoking can be extremely minor to extremely fatal. Sometimes, you can tell a person smokes just by looking at them or being around them

Are You Sure?

Are you sure you wanna start smoking? Think about what smoking can do to you, your friends, and your family. Please, when it comes to smoking, make the right choices. Stay away from ANY nicotine product. BE SMART!!!!!!
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