MBTI® Alumni Event (Hong Kong)

Wallace Associates Inc

Wallace Associates Inc, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong Career Management

This workshop is available in Chinese only.

This half day workshop has been specially designed for MBTI® practitioners to provide inspiration for developing effective content for "Managing Change & Stress" programme.

In the workshop you will be received a fantastically valuable "In the Grip – Understanding Type, Stress, and the Inferior Function" booklet published by CPP. The session will highlight the following 4 areas:

Case study: How to improve readiness for change and to lead change effectively

Using a psychological model to understand what happens to people during change

Framework for managing change and stress using MBTI®

Practical use of the booklet “In the Grip”

The session will be delivered by Jonathan Wong, Director and Principal Consultant of MDS. Jonathan is a specialist trainer for senior management groups focusing particularly on leadership and teambuilding for top teams using the MBTI® and LEA 360® instruments. Jonathan is a creative and energetic trainer with over 20 years' experience of both managing operations and developing people. He is also one of only three practitioners in the world authorized to deliver MBTI® Certification training in Chinese.

MBTI® Alumni Gatherings are a great way to:

Increase your knowledge and expertise

Participate in a professional development opportunity specifically designed for MBTI® practitioners in Hong Kong

Obtain the latest MBTI® resource information

Network with other MDS clients