Smore #8

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sex tapes

A serious” trend” in our society, which has led to negative outcomes in my generation, would have to be recording sexual acts. For some unapparent reason this has become the “hottest trend” even though it is supposed to be something that is private and modest. Most times the female is not even made aware of the act, and has not consented to it. This is degrading and unfair to our young women. Not only is it disrespectful, but it can leave a very bad reputation on the life on the person exposed. Sex was something that was taught to many kids as something that is sacred and supposed to be taken seriously by both parties. I’m not saying that people can’t live their lives “adventurously”. If someone thinks it is ok to partake in the act of being recorded while sharing an intimate/ vulnerable act; then that is up to them and their partner. All I am saying is that I disagree with making it public for others to see, especially if both persons have not consented to it. These “sex tapes” have been occurring more and more in my school, and I think that the people who are doing it are making themselves look like disgusting animals that have no home training. This “trending topic” needs to come to an end. People also don’t realize that the things that you share through cellular, internet and social media devices, never go away and can definitely come back to haunt you.