Owls and Bees

Fourth Grade Language Arts News: September 21-25

Thank You for Your Help

We want our fourth-graders to become more independent this year, but the fourth grade teachers also realize that independence is a gradual process. Especially at the beginning of the school year, parents need to remind their children to check their planners or red folders for homework or papers to be signed. Routines and procedures are still somewhat new, but our students are getting better with them!

Thank you so much for helping your child with planner and homework organization.

This Week's Home Reader Assignment

Because of Winn-Dixie with paired selection Because of Book Ends, pages 22-36

On Thursday, your child will need to bring his/her Journeys textbook to school. (Please do NOT send it to school before Thursday. It's heavy, and we will not use it in class except on quiz day.)

Your child will use the textbook while taking a quiz over the assigned stories.

Last Thursday I sent home a study guide. The questions come straight from the quiz, so if your child takes the time to work through the study guide, he/she will have a greater chance of success. I do not grade it, but if your child brings a completed study guide to me by Wednesday, I will read through the answers and provide clues about whether the answers are correct or not.

Ask your child about "trashketball," which is another incentive to complete the study guide.

Spelling News

I gave a spelling pretest on Monday over high frequency words. If your child missed fewer than four out of 30 words, he/she will not have to take the spelling test on Friday. I plan to send a study list home on Tuesday.