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The COUNTDOWN is ON!!! 2..........

We're an ExCiTeD BUNCH over here....!!

We cannot WAIT to get back in our DANCE GROOVE next week!! We are so pumped about being able to dance again with all of our current students and all our NEW dance families that have joined us!! Thank you for helping and supporting us, believing in us and trusting us to make this the most EPIC dance season yet!!

Studio Safety Guidelines - Please Read

For the safety of our GJDC staff & students, and to remain well within Phase/safety guidelines…the GJDC lobby, restrooms and halls will be CLOSED to the public while classes are in session*.

*Dancers in the building (during their class times) will be allowed to use the restroom if needed. Young children will be escorted/helped by a teacher/assistant/intern if needed unless specified to obtain a parent or guardian. Our office will also be closed for public traffic but, Mrs Haley will be available to answer questions about accounts, registration, etc. by calling 804-524-9391 OR sending us a quick email which will be viewed regularly during all classes. ** If you need face to face assistance, please call the office and we can accommodate as we are now allowing up to 3 people into the lobby area. Mrs Haley will also have a table and tent set up outside the lobby door during the first week of classes to help with any questions!!

Dancers will need to check-in at their designated studio room door (A, B or C), from the outside, no earlier than 5 minutes before classes start. We ask that masks are worn by all during check-in times simply because of the close proximity of our teachers, staff, students, and parents coming to the doors. We do realize that children under 10 are not required by law to wear them, but if they have a mask, and will wear it for the short amount of time to get to their spot, it will just be an extra precaution. We, of course will not turn anyone away as long as they are of normal temperature and have not been exposed. Temperatures will be taken, and hand sanitizer will be given at the door. Please make sure your child has gotten into the building before leaving! Students with a temperature higher than normal (per CDC guidelines) will NOT be allowed into the building and must be taken off the premises for the safety of all involved.

No person with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days is permitted in this establishment.

Once inside, masks are encouraged but not necessary while dancing since we will be sticking to social distancing guidelines. Please let us know if you have a desired/required request for your child specifically.

Classes will end slightly earlier (about 5-10 minutes) than normal for sanitizing and to follow check-out studio procedures. Please be prompt in picking up children from classes so that there is not a buildup of people in our parking lot areas.

Here are a few reminders and requests...

1. No dance bags or extra clothing, toys, etc will be allowed… only dance shoes in a ziplock bag (if needed) labeled with the dancer’s name and a water bottle with name clearly marked. They may put their masks in these bags as well, as long as they, and parents are comfortable with them taking them off. No food or other drinks will be allowed inside (other than a water bottle with name clearly marked). All shoes should have name or initials clearly marked.

2. Students will exit the building in the same manner (shoes in ziplock, masks on, hand sanitizer, greet parent or be picked up outside at their separate studio door.

3. The studio lobby and dancer halls will be closed. Parents must drop off students at their designated studio door room (A, B or C) and if staying, remain in the parking lot (please practice social distancing) or in their cars during the entire length of the class. Restrooms will be open for current class dancers only and will be sanitized/wiped down in between each use. Students may stay in the building if they have a direct class following a previous class.

4. Classes will end 5-10 minutes early so that proper cleaning/sanitizing can be done between sessions in each room.

5. We will not be using any shared conditioning or exercise equipment.

Room A – “The Pink Room”- (door to the left of Lobby door) – Kinders and smaller classes.

Room B – “The Garage” – (largest room/larger classes) Students will need to be dropped off in the back parking lot and will enter/exit through the back door.

Room C – “Corner Room” (Tiffany Blue) – Students will need to be dropped off at the door at the corner of the building where our black drop box is.

Thank you to everyone for all of the encouraging words and help over the last few months. We know that this year has been so hard for all of our families AND our children… with school and their activities being cancelled and not being able to see their friends, etc. Please know that even though it may not be exactly what we thought it would be, we are trying very hard for our dance home to be a safe, loving, kind learning environment for your children to grow and do something they LOVE.

Please let us know if you have any questions!


GJDC Staff (Not pictured: Mrs Shannon)

Competition Team Auditions - Friday, September 18, 2020 - 6:30pm

If you have ever been interested in competing... NOW is your chance!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be older to compete? No! We take students 5 years old and up.

How much is it to compete? We have all inclusive packages available for different levels of commitment. The packages (depending on age and level of commitment) include their main dance classes (ballet, jazz, tap, *lyrical/contemporary and *open acro), practice times and all choreography for groups and many extras.

Costumes are often recycled from previous years or borrowed when available or found/made from dance wear pieces at a minimal cost.

What other fees are associated? Each Competition Company/Convention requires fees per student/per dance, but these are often offset by joining our Booster Fundraising group that fundraises almost year round for our team. Minimal is paid out of pocket when Booster monies do not cover and parents always have a say in how many numbers a child can be put in up front.

Also, travel/lodging IF doing out of town competitions and conventions are on the season's schedule.

Is it worth it? OMGosh YES!!! There is nothing like seeing the kids hard work pay off on that stage and the feeling of accomplishment and pride they have. That is priceless. Learning how to work as a team and the confidence that it creates with each child is incredible. Not to mention the increased level of technique that is gained from the extra practices and conditioning that they receive.

Still have questions?

Email us at DancinGJDC and we can send over the Competition handbook and details.

**You are NOT bound to competing for the year until the Company Competition contract has been signed and turned in. You can come audition, ask questions and see if it will be a good fit for your child and family.

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