1. We learned how to make trailers.

2. A easy and fun way to present.

3. It makes trailers for your class mates.

Typing Web

1. It helps us learn how to type faster.

2. A easy way to learn how to type.

3. There are games on the website to learn.

Career Locker

1. Career locker helped me learn what I should do when I get older.

2. I think career locker is going to help when I need a job.

3. It is easy and fun way to think about your future.

Haiku Deck

1. I like Haiku Deck because it is an easy way to present.

2. My favorite part is how fun it is to make a presentation.

3. It does not take a long time to make a Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything

1. You are able to take a video of what u are doing on your screen on a device.

2. It is a easy way to show how to do a math problem.

3. I think that Explain everything is one of favorite math app.

Hour Of Code

1. Founding partners are Microsoft and Google and lots of others.

2. It is a non-profit organisation that helps schools with teaching.

3. I like hour of code because it is a fun way to play games while of coding.

Email etiquette

1. I learn how to make a good email.

2. It was very hard to do and fun.

3. Now i know how to email my teacher when i need to get the homework .