A Little About Me


My Favorite Role

I am the baby in the family so I don't have a big role but I do cook. Have other roles but cooking is my favorite. What I do is help my mom cook or I will do it myself. In this role I learn new things. Also I learn life skills. It does have a bad side which is having to clean after the mess but it teaches me how to clean.

My Role Model

I have a lot of role models but my biggest is my mom. She is my role model because she has done so much for me and ever gives up on me. Also she help me calm down when I am stressed out or upset. My mom is always is there no matter what. She is also the reason I like to cook because she makes me help her with dinner. She has so many great way for being a role model but I will only tell you 2. One of the traits that my mom has is being caring. She is caring by doing all she for my family. The last one is joyful. My mom is joyful because she bights my day even if its really awful.
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My most comfortable place

This is the best place in the house not only is my bed (bunk bed) it right by the heater so its always warm.

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Makes me unique!

I think that I am really funny. I think that I am because when I am around my friends they are almost laughing all the time. If I am anywhere I try to make my friends laugh.