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New Password Management Portal

Chromebooks, Macs, Windows, Google... oh, what a headache remembering passwords.

For your work at Wooster School, the two passwords that you need most are Windows Login and Google.

I know that you probably have others that you use, but that is out of my control.

What is in my control is the ability to help you keep your Windows password and Google password synchronized.

When you change your Windows login password when logged into a campus desktop, it automatically sends the change to Google making your passwords synchronized.

However, if you change your password when logged into Google, it does NOT synch back to our campus' Windows login service, creating a problem for you trying to log into a classroom computer connected to a Smartboard.


We now have a Password Management Portal that will allow you to change your password, reset your password if you have forgotten it, and also change your students passwords if they need help.


You will first need to enroll in order to use the self service features.

Click on ENROLL and you will be prompted to login with your Windows ID and password.

Next you will select four(4) security questions and provide the answer.

Click NEXT to complete the enrollment process.

Now that you have enrolled, you can use the Change Password to change you password if it has not expired, the Reset Password if you have forgotten your password or your password has passed its expiration date, and the Helpdesk/Teacher option to change a student's password.

I hope you will take a moment to enroll in the password management system.

I hope that this will make the password journey a bit more comfortable.