Integumentary System

By Madison and Noah

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The Functions of the Integumentary System

The Integumentary System helps change your body's heat.

The Integumentary System creates hair follicles for hair to grow.

In the Integumentary System, the Dermis holds sweat and oil glands.

How The Integumentary System Works Well With The Circularity System

The Integumentary System works well with Circularity System.

The surface of the skin is called capillaries.

These systems work well with each other because the Circularity System tells the Integumentary System that the surface of the skin to open when your body needs to cool off and close when your body is too hot.

What Can Go Wrong

Something that can go wrong is super thick skin which is a disease called psoriasis, it is when you have lots of skin on your knees and elbows. Also there is skin cancer which has become more recent for people, that doesn't necessarily mean that we will get it, but it has become a more recent disease that people are getting.

The Human Skin Animation Video