Cape Fear

North Carolina River Basin


The headwaters are located in the Deep and Haw rivers.They converge to form Cape Fear River. There are 32 reservoirs including a place known as Jordan Lake or B. Everett Jordan Reservoir. Cape Fear river basin is one of the only river basins completely inside a state. A major tributary is the Black River which flows into the Cape Fear River.
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Miles of Streams and Rivers

There are 6,049 miles of streams and rivers in the Cape Fear river basin.


There is 1,833,701 people living in the Cape Fear river basin as of the year 2000.
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Places Within Cape Fear

  • Wilmington National Cemetery - This is where the civil war soldiers were buried.
  • Battleship NC
  • Bellamy Mansion
  • Railroad Museum
  • Cameron Art Museum
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Fertilizers are one of the reasons the lake can be polluted, run-off takes them down into the river and kills the fish and other aquatic animals. Also animal waste can cause pollution in the basin and kill the fish.

They have controlled the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that are used around the areas.

Boat Sports are used in the Cape Fear river basin. if the boat breaks and oil comes out it can pollute the water.

We can stop doing boat sports there.

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Animals and Plants

There are many organisms at Cape Fear, there are aquatic animals, land animals, and may plants. The Venus Fly Trap is a good example, it is found on the trails in Cape Fear. There are also many flowers found in the Cape Fear Gardens.

There is a fish in the Cape Fear River called the Cape Fear Shiner also there are turtles that live there.

There are also many non-aquatic animals.

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