Ms. Lindsay's KDG Class Update

December 7th, 2014

The Story of Hanukkah

Hi everyone,

We definitely had a busy Sunday morning! With Hanukkah quickly approaching, our lesson revolved around why exactly we celebrate the holiday. We read a story called "Judah Who Always Said 'No'!", by Harriet K. Feder, and we talked about how Judah led an army in a fight against a wicked king who wanted the Jews to bow down to idols and change their names. In the end, Judah and his army outsmarted and defeated the Greek king and his army. Though the Jewish temple was destroyed in the battle, Judah and the Macabees worked together to rebuild it. They only had one small jar of oil, but it ended up lasting 8 days and 8 nights, hence why we celebrate Hanukkah for the same amount of time! As they say, "A Great Miracle Happened There," (Nes gadol hayah sham)...this is why we have Nun, Gimel, Hay, and Shin on dreidels, and we played dreidel in groups to celebrate the miracle and the re-dedication of the Holy temple (Hanukkah means "Dedication").

In Art, Ms. Gussack helped us with making dreidel books. The students got to decorate each page with Hanukkah symbols and ways to celebrate Hanukkah with his/her family. Back in class, we also made drip mats to go underneath our Chanukkiahs at home. I'm having them laminated (so you'll be able to scrape off the wax!), and they will be sent home with the students this upcoming Sunday.

Finally, we had a special assembly honoring Sami Tanenbaum. Sami has been the Director of Youth & Teen programs for over 4 years at Temple Sinai, and next month, she will be leaving to pursue a new career opportunity. She has been such a wonderful resource and will certainly be missed!

Next week, we'll learn about Hanukkah traditions, and we'll get to share a special snack (edible dreidels!) as part of our celebration. It will be our final week before Winter Break. See you then!