CTS Meeting Highlights

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Phone Project

The phone project is complete. If you have any phone requests, please submit a work order by selecting 6-Cisco IP Phone in the work order system. These work orders are routed to Zach Recer and Nelson Benoit.

There have been requests for longer phone cords for the ip phones. Please request these via work order. Regular phone cords and the cord detanglers that were used on the previous phone system may cause static on these phones.

Office 365

We are in the process of migrating to Office 365. Some teachers are currently wanting to use this in their classrooms. Please encourage them to set up Office 365 with a personal email account. If they use their GCCISD account they will lose all of their information once we sync our accounts to Office 365.

5th Grade Laptop Project

Prime is currently imaging 5th grade laptops at the Kilgore Center. They will be delivering carts and laptops as they complete each campus. They hope to have this project completed by the end of October.

The old 5th grade laptops can be moved down to other grade levels. Please be aware that these laptops are out of warranty and they will not be repaired if they break.

iPad Project

We are currently working on the deployment process for the 4th grade iPads. Once we have completed the setup on these iPads, they will be delivered to the campus and placed in the carts.

Once the iPad project is complete the techs will go around to campuses that currently have iPad carts and update these carts to IOS 9. Please wait on the techs to come around and do this for you.

Work Order Process/Calling Procedure

Work orders are bypassing the campus technician and being assigned to other resources. The campus technician needs to be aware of what is going on at their campuses. If you receive a work order that you cannot take care of, please route it to your campus technician first. The campus technician will forward the work order to the appropriate person after they have assessed the problem.

All calls for LAN issues need to go through the help desk. We no longer have the LAN managers assigned by grade levels. They are assigned to different projects. Calls need to go through the help desk so they can directed to the appropriate LAN Manager.


Please make sure that your campus inventory is at 100%. We will start conducting campus wide audits later this school year.

Daily Subs

At this time we will not create accounts for daily subs. We are currently investigating a way to create accounts for daily subs.