Best Parenting

Eastern vs Western

Western vs eastern how they accept their kids grades in school

In my opinion I think that Western and Eastern are the best parenting but most western parenting is better because they don't force thier kids like how the estern parenting do western parenting dont care if thier kids get an A or B,CD all they care about is that thier kids are doing well in school, but the eastern parenting want thier kids geting A not b or c,d, they only accept A's

Western parents are much nicer than Eastern parents

While it may be true that Western parents are much much more nicer than Eastern parent. It appears that "western" parents tend to be very liberal and very loving (more so than their 'eastern" counterparts) with their children, especially when they are young. One would think that that love would translate to a greater sense of responsibility from the children towards parents when they are older. Quite paradoxically, it is actually the "eastern" kids who turn out to be more considerate of their parents when they are old.