2015 - 2016 Best Practices

Kelly Gardner

April - Final Exam Early Prep

I started trying to get my students in gear for the final exam early. Because this course doesn't have a review module at the end, I spend time redirecting students to other helpful material in the course. We review how to look at missed quiz questions, complete review activities again, as well as reviewing reading material. Starting early helps students avoid that last minute cramming and even some anxiety as they start to study.

March - Communication

I took extra care this month (and semester) to log communication more often. I was careful to copy my ILT on any email that she may need to have in her files. I had some accommodations that were challenging this semester, so I also kept the SPED contacts in the loop on emails and phone calls. Documenting and copying administration on emails saved me many phone calls in the long run!

February - Policy

There is always a need to refresh students on the plagiarism policies. Unfortunately, this happens more than we know. This announcement presents information in several ways, to help students gain a better understanding of these policies. Carrie Madden and I worked on this information together, in order to give students a wide variety of material.

December - Turn It In

We have had this resource available to us for several years. The recent integration into our learning platform makes it even better. I really challenged myself to use TurnItIn for each of the novel research papers in 10th grade literature this semester (over 60 papers). I found it more helpful the more I used it. Here is an example of my TurnItIn usage.

November - Homepage

I would spend hours making creative announcements and resources, if I had the time. This month I am sharing a sample of a news item I posted. I noticed students having trouble with citations and citing sources. I created this news item to help with some of the issues I was seeing in student work.

October - Dropbox

The dropbox is a great way to give feedback and provide remediation as well. I like to use the dropbox to ensure students are getting quality information after an assignment. However, sometimes, an assignment only needs something small. Here's one example of feedback.

September - Quizzes

While students are able to see question feedback in the quiz area, I think it is important that they see the feedback in the gradebook. They are not likely to look at the quiz itself if they do not see they gradebook feedback. Here is a sample of some quiz feedback I included for some students.

August - Adobe & Discussions

I decided to try an utilize the discussion board to increase attendance at the welcome chat, or at least the recording. I believe Adobe attendance is a problem across departments. I am trying to find SOME way to get the students to listen to the recording and hear the information. For this discussion board, I tried to ask questions that would ensure they had listened to the whole recording, and then offered extra points for completing the extra discussion. I think it helped a little, but still did not have the overall effect I was hoping.