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Darvion Simms

Savings & Investing

Savings and Investing are totally different. Savings is when you spend money on something and still manage to save money without spending it all. Investing is when you invest in more things then you want to and start spending money on different things. and then you'll realize your spending money on a lot of things and end up not having anymore money. So you need to always have a plan or an idea on how to save money that's why people today get their own banking account.

Developing a Savings Plan

Developing a savings plan is very easy. First you must find a way to spend money on things that you want to invest in and still manage to save money. You could start by spending less money and try to avoid high cost on things that you buy.

the savings services offered by banks are they can either give you your own savings plan or you can make your own. They can give you options on how to save your own money by giving you your own individual bank account.