NeuroKinetic Therapy®

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Level 1 NeuroKinetic Therapy® Training is COMING TO YOU! January 16 & 17

NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system, is a sophisticated assessment and treatment modality that addresses the causes of dysfunctional movement/coordination problems at their root within the motor control center of the brain. Professionals from around the world are applying this technique to effectively identify the areas of dysfunction and reoccurring pain.

Health practitioners and fitness professionals, such as Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers and Physicians, have sought this modality to improve athletic performance, reduce the rate of life altering injuries and accelerate healing after surgery. NeuroKinetic Therapy®, is a method that helps to integrate all modalities and professions, to create the best possible outcome for the client/patient.

NKT® addresses the neurological "WHY" behind.....

  • Inhibited Mobility
  • Persistent Trigger Points
  • Poor Squat Patterns
  • Lack of Performance Improvement
  • And Reoccurring Pain!

What may typically take months or years to correct, could take minutes with NKT®!

What's even better? ACE Personal Trainers receive 1.5 continuing education credits. Submission of these credits can also be petitioned to other certifying agencies.

Chiropractors and Massage Therapists can also receive continuing education. Click here for more details.

Gold's Gym of Winter Haven will be hosting a Level 1 NKT® Certification Seminar for YOU this January 2016! Join instructors and NeuroKinetic Level 3 Practitioners, Herson and Kim Garcia, for this mind blowing education!

gister EARLY and SAVE $100! Early registration only $650 by December 16, 2015.

Regular registration $750.00

Course Dates:

  • Saturday January 16th from 9am-5:30pm
  • Sunday January 17th from 9am-5:30pm

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    Check out for more information about this modality.

    We can not wait to see each of you in January!

    "Neurokinetic Therapy was one of the missing links in my practice.

    After performing orthopedic and neurological exams, as well as movement

    screens, I could easily see what needed to be restored. However, I would get exhausted, attempting to work every muscle affecting an area to get clean screens and re-tests. With NKT, I was able to narrow down the key culprits in the movement pattern, thus increasing the speed and efficacy of my treatment time.

    NKT makes my job easier on my mind and body, and it allows me

    to fit more patients into a window of time.“

    Kathy Dooley MS, DC, Adjunct Professor with Weill Cornell Medical College and Einstein College of Medicine

    NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 Training

    Saturday, Jan. 16th 2016 at 9am to Sunday, Jan. 17th 2016 at 5:30pm

    5636 Cypress Gardens Boulevard

    Winter Haven, FL

    Contact Kim Garcia at or for additional questions or call 352-428-6368.

    Gold's Gym Winter Haven
    5636 Cypress Gardens Blvd.

    Winter Haven, FL 33884