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Colonists defeated Great Britain

Local General Throws Party at Town Hall.

Patriot General, George Washington decided to throw a party at the town hall, because he defeated Great Britain. He defeated them by using new tactics. Once he even crossed the Delaware River in the night to surprise some Hessians. He also had allies in different countries. He was serving a famous new desert called iced cream at the party. It was so good people are screaming for it. We all scream for ice cream.
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Women Found Fighting with the Men in the Military and Kicked Out

Deborah Sampson, thought to be a male soldier for the Patriots, was actually a woman and was kicked out of the military mainly because only men are allowed fight in the army. She was injured in battle and needed a doctor, so they took her shirt off and saw she was a girl so she was kicked out. She states, "The only things I am sad for are that I lied and I can no longer fight for my country." Touching, right?
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