Culture Shock: Russia

By:Amanda Arreola

Phase |. Learning Experiences

Once I get off the flight I will stay in Russia for one week so I have time to see most of it. A cultural trait that should be expected is Orthodox Christianity and that only celebrate pagan holidays such as Easter,Christmas, and paganism. I will budget $66,204.33 (American money), I need this much money for the needs of thr airflight,hotel,breakfast,lunch,dinner,snacks,transportation,shopping money, and attraction. Russia's region has experienced a lot during war especially the world wars when there men/soldiers were kept captive. Not much really there still aware this can happen again though. Terrorist attacks. We ar at peace with the Russians. No affects will happen when traveling there.

Phase ||. Independent Research

Hi will travel to Russia by plane and therewill be no obstacles going to Russia. I will stay in a hotel called: and I would need to consider the do's and dont's. I will learn how Russians live there life maybe by greeting each other I don't know but I will learn.


I will develop the essential skills of logical thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual risk taking, communicating, have opportunities to generate new ideas, become familiar with the particular country and its culture.

My Blog

I will give you Some tips on what to do when going to Russia.

Tip1: whenever you go to Russia always know that 1 dollar from America gives you 65.81 Russian ruble.

Tip 2: always know the 10 important Russian phrases.

Tip 3: Тапочки are a pair of slippers.

Tip 4: whenever you have a guest even if he/she is not invited you have to always give them a gift.

Tip 5: Be hospitable

Tip 6: underdress

Tip 7: do not hesitate

Tip 8: do not eat in classrooms

Tip 9: do not wear caps in classrooms

Tip 10: don't take a taxi alone at night

Tip 11: don't be afraid to try new foods.