Canvas News #4

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Remember our Christmas goal:

Home page and first unit finished by Christmas.

If you have not logged into the "new Student Orientation" class, please do so and do the four assignments. I am grading them and using the audio comment feature in the gradebook. Doing this will only take 20 minutes or so, but it is important for us to experience Canvas as our students will the first time.

Training Resources

There are lots of good training videos here:

Click on this page to see the many resources available to you including the ICCOC Quality Course Checklist.

Use the "wiki" feature.

Students have the potential to spin around and around in Canvas from page to page never really getting where they need to go. To avoid that, use the "wiki" feature. Notice below that I have red text:
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In edit mode I linked the text I chose to the areas in the course mentions. That turned the text red and then takes students to that area when they click on it.
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Do a "click here" or "start here" Internet search for buttons and images or just take the one I am using below.
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This video is a minute long and shows the process.
Create Links to Internal Canvas Pages

This is essential

It will be extremely important to have a "click here" or "start here" button on the Home Page so students know where to go to begin.

Face to Face Training Opportunities

Mentor trainer Holly Booth ( will be holding three training sessions in November.

  • in Red Oak on November 4th
  • in Creston on November 11th
  • in Osceola on November 18th

These Friday events will take place from 1:30-3:00 p.m. This is a chance to get some help with the Home Page and first unit.