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Origin of the Buisness

We came across this brilliant idea while studying at Round Rock High School abot the amazing and astonishing mind of the great, Nikola Tesla. The focus of his research was electric motors, generators, and other inventions. He also invented the Tesla coil, x-rays, and alternating-current, and many more.  Tesla’s inventions help the modern world by producing electricity in a more efficient way, his Tesla coil improved radio and television around the world, and many of his other inventions enhanced life for many back then and still today. He inspired us to produce and sell replicas of such inventions.
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Electromagnetic induction

Electromagnetic induction is the production of a potential difference (voltage) across a conductor when it is exposed to a varying magnetic field.Motors and Generators use magnets to rotate the motor 360 degrees constantly to produce elctricity. Electricity flows and regulates accordingly to the demand for power. This concept is the basis for every invention we sell.
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1. MRI $300,00+

An MRI uses superconducting magnets to scan and analyze the body. This special machine is used to diagnose and save many lives every single day. Dr. Raymond V. Ramadian invented the MRI in 1977, and began selling them by 1980. A top MRI machine can cost up to 3 million dollars, you are getting a bargain with this one.
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2. Refrigerator Magnets $5.00

These magnets attach to the fridge because the fridge is the polar opposite metal of the magnet. Magnets today help us pin anything from important reminders to a child's photo to any household refrigerator. Magnets were discovered in ancient Europe in natural occurring rock containing magnetite, and other various minerals.
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3. Compass $15.00

The needle always points north using a magnet that senses magnetic fields near the North Pole. The compass has been used for many centuries by explorers and other such proffesions. It can be used for directions and can even help you find your way if lost. The first compass was made in China during the Han Dynasty in about 206 B.C.
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4. Credit Cards $50.00

These cards use a magnetic strip and a special machine that reads and analyzes the card through the magnetic strip. Credit cards provide a safe, fast, and easy way to handle and transfer money. The modern day Credit card was invented by an american bank executive by the name of Joseph Williams.
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5. Department Store Security $10,000.00

The sensors are tuned in which they can sense anti-theft devices implanted on products in the store. If device isn't removed then the device will go off. These devices protect against thieves and accidental shoplifting in major department stores across the world. Saving millions of dollars worldwide in high priced merchandise this invention is well worth the investment.

6. VHS Tapes $20.00

The recording heads on the tape are electromagnets that draw particles of metal onto the tape in patterns set by TV signals. As the tape goes past the recording heads, the signals recorded from the electrical signal onto each of the heads of the tape. These tapes let us enjoy blockbuster hits right from the comfort of your living room, or Broadway music from your brand new car. Developed by the JVC company during the 1970's it changed the way america viewed entertainment.
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7. Television $600.00

Magnets pull and direct electrons up and down across the screen forming an image. Television provides convenient entertainment to ones private home space. The first Television was produced by Philo Farnsworth in 1927.
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8. Speakers $40.00

Well if you have a T.V. then you need speakers to go with it! Magnets form a permanent magnetic field for the speech coil to work and deflect the cone, producing sound. These speakers allow you to listen to T.V. and radio in clarity and without struggle. The first practical application of the moving-coil loud speaker was established by Danish engineer Peter L. Jensen and Edwin Pridham during the early 1900's.
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9. Microphones $35.00

The permanent magnet produces a magnetic field that cuts through the coil. As the coil moves back and forth through the magnetic field, an electric current flows through it. These microphones help to amplify sound, therefor making public announcers, speakers and other such situations easier to understand. The modern microphone design used in many every day devices such as telephones was invented and patented by Dr. James E. West in 1962.
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10. The Super Electromagnetic Anti-Gravity Machine $999,999,999,999,999.99

The Super Electromagnetic Anti-Gravity Machine was developed by Josh Adams and Tanner Driskill in 2013. This machine reverses the earths gravitational pull by using electromagnets to counter act the downward force produced by the earth. This Machine can be used as entertainment, a source of easing work, just hook it up and make anything float.
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