American Colonies Answer

By. Devan Smith - Cesar Segovia

Should have

Britain should have won American revolution war because Americas army is smaller than Britain's. Britain had the one of the best army's in the world, The soldiers nicely equipped, well paid and were also well fed. Funds for Britain were much easier than Americans to raise. Some of those funds wee used to Hessian s to fight the Americans. Americans had a lot of difficulties raising funds to buy weapons and the supply's they needed for troops.


Even though the american soldiers did not have the The military force that the British had But they still accomplished winning the war. How they won the war?, Well they strongly believed in their fight for freedom and also their liberty. Americans Grand cause was to fight for their rights, Independence, and their liberty. That is how Americans won the Revolutionary war, Could they have used a better milatary force?, Yeah they could have but did they need it No. All they needed was there grand cause and the courage from all the troops.