Mrs. Perkins Classroom News

September 28th-October 2nd


Students have been learning the steps to multiplying multi-digit numbers. Tip sheets have been sent home on how we are teaching multiplication. I have also attached them below just in case they did not make it home to you. I understand that sometimes learning the new method of multiplication can be hard at first and sometimes it's tempting to show your child the traditional way of multiplication. Please refrain from doing this though because it will only confuse your child even more! If you need help or have questions, I am available before and after school on most days as long as you give me some notice.

Left to Right Multiplication

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Area Model Multiplication

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Area Model Multiplication

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conference sign up sheets are going home Monday in smoke signals. Conferences are scheduled Tuesday, October 13th and Thursday, October 15th. Please select the top 3 time slots that work best for you. Time slots will be selected on a first come first serve basis so get yours turned in right away. As soon as I get my schedule figured out I will send home a sheet confirming your conference time.

Math Homework

**Homework is subject to change**

Monday: Exercise 15, page 32

Tuesday: Exercise 15, page 33

Wednesday: Exercise 15, page 34

Thursday: Exercise 16, page 35

Friday: Exercise 16, page 36

Reading Homework

While I do not require students to read daily or to fill out reading logs, I do find it highly beneficial for students to spend a few minutes of their night reading. They might read to themselves or even read out loud to you or maybe another sibling. I encourage you to talk to your kids about the books their reading


Our next spelling test will be October 9th. Your child's new list will be coming home Monday, September 28th.


Students will be testing over the Properties of Matter on Tuesday, September 29th. Your child will be coming home with a study guide on Monday.