Effects of Teratogens

During Prenatal Development

What is Teratogens?

  • Any Environment agent that causes damage during the prenatal period! (Berk, 2010)

Factors of Teratogens

  • Dose: Larger doses over longer time periods have more negative effects
  • Heredity: Genetic make up of the mother and the developing organism play an important role. Some are better able to withstand harmful environments
  • Other negative influences: poor nutrition and lack of medical care
  • Age: "Sensitive Period is limited time span in which a part of the body or a behavior is biologically prepared to develop rapidly, makes it sensitive to surroundings (Berk, 2010)

Importance of Prenatal Care!!!!!!!

Don't wait, Go Now

Visiting the doctor to get routine check ups can eliminate a lot of complications. You only have to go once every 4 weeks until 8 months of pregnancy then you will have to be seen once every week until delivery. Doctor will preform several test on you to make sure you are healthy which includes STDs, Gestational Diabetes and Preclampsia to name a few. You also get to see cute ultrasounds of your bundle of joy at least 3 times throughout your pregnancy to make sure the baby is growing well and on schedule.

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