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Convection:Hot Air Balloon

Do you ever wonder what keeps a hot air balloon floating in the air?

A trapped pocket of air gets heated by a flame. While the air in the balloon gets heated, it then gets warmer then the air around it and the hot air balloon will rise up to the sky. If the temperature in the hot air balloon decreases then the balloon will go down. This process is an example of convection.

Convection Isn't the Easiest to Notice

Convection isn't something to not care about because it is a very important thing to the Earth. When the circulation of air is in the atmosphere it is called a function. The reason tectonic plates move is convection. Therefore, convection is very important for human life and other organisms.

Jasmine Romo & Jasmine Patton

Jasmine Romo and Jasmine Patton are students at the Gifted & Talented Magnet School, Liberty Elementary.