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Extra mail

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Dear course member,

Probably you expected that you would be starting the final phase, but…


We are going to give you two extra weeks to get absolutely everything out of this process! Take a good look at where you are standing right now and what you have achieved so far. Is there something that you have forgotten or left behind? Are there still chances that need to be taken? Are you waiting for reactions from people who you asked for help? Jump right on top of this during the next weeks and make sure that the steps you have already taken, become even bigger!

I will see you in two weeks (July 18)... at the final phase!

From heart to heart,



If you try to log in tonight, it might be possible that you are looking at the screen with surprised eyes. Just know nothing is wrong and that you don’t need to email or call us! This is all part of the Intensive. You process is going further… anyway!

Your new cycle!

With the code Cycle, I want to inspire you this week to finally break through old patterns. This is what you have already started with Decisiveness, and any form of automatisms that you have learnt in the past cannot influence this any longer. Make use of the activation that is now online. You can log in on Phase 4 using the same code: 600444 (the code is going to be active for another two weeks).

Extra exercise

To help you a little bit more to remain motivated, I am going to give you an extra exercise. This is meant to prevent you from falling back into old habits. It is therefore important the coming weeks that you actually change things in your daily life. We have to keep the process going and not give any old learnt programs the chance to start up automatically again.

I will give you a few examples of what you can do the next weeks:

  • Take another route to work.
  • Change something in the interior of your home.
  • Visit some people you haven't seen in a while.
  • Turn the television off in the evenings and plan other activities, like visiting someone, going to the sport school for an extra session, taking a long walk, etc.
  • Choose a different supermarket to do your shopping.
  • Play a different kind of music, what you normally listen to.
  • Pamper yourself with a bath, a sauna or a massage.
  • Do each and every day something you have never done before.
  • Every day try and tell someone about your dream.

No webcast

This week there is no webcast. Phase 5 will therefore be postponed until Friday 18 July.