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Thankful and Content!

Studies have shown that we are healthier and happier when we are grateful and show appreciation for the big and little blessings in our lives. It only takes one mission trip to another country to see that a person can have few of the "comforts" that we take for granted in America, and still be blissfully content, full of joy, and compassionate toward others. This beautiful season, let's all remember to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS!

Topics For Character Ed Lessons (2019-2020)

September: Welcome to Character Ed, Appreciating Differences in Friendships

October: Drug Awareness, Peer Pressure, How to Say No, Red Ribbon Week

November: Forgiveness and Gratitude

December: Caring and Sharing

January: Anti-Bullying, Cyber-Safety, Coping Skills

February: Friendship Skills and Loving Others

March: Study Skills and Test-Taking Tips

April-May: Good Manners and Hygiene

Friends Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

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  • Check out Mrs Bray's link in the November Elementary Newsletter...."MRIs Show Screen-time Affect on Pre-school-age Brains".

Helpful Tips For Parents

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