What Millionaires Do NOT Do

Stereotypes Debunked by Gabrielle Arendt and Trevor Rouley

There are 20 things a Millionaire Doesn't Do, according to marcandangel.com

marcandangel.com says there are 20 things that a millionaire doesn't do, and it helps them save lots of money.


Examples from the site include:

Millionaires mow their own lawns.

Millionaires give themselves haircuts.

Millionaires don't buy new cars.

Millionaires do not have a credit card balance.

Millionaires are focused on quality, not on time spent on a project.

Millionaires eat at home. Not out.

Millionaires do not think they know everything.

Millionaires do not hang out with people who spend money constantly

Millionaires do not pay retail for new clothes. They look for sales and discounts.

Millionaires do not get new replacements for broken things. They fix them.


Millionaires do not impulse buy

Millionaires do not waste time. They use it wisely.

Millionaires do not worry about problems. They find solutions.

Millionaires don't go all in. That's gambling.

Millionaires do not pay $500 to sit in a leather seat for a few hours. (They don't fly first class)

Millionaires do not pay rent. They buy.

Millionaires invest. They don't get all their income from their main job.