To Kill A Mockingbird

Sariyah Graham 2nd period April 28,2016

Is This Book In Byron Library Holdings?

Yes, this book can be found in Byron Library and is able to be checked out

When Did This Happen?

This book was first banned in 1977 due to the use of inappropriate language

Where did this take place?

This book was banned in 1966 at these places Hanover, Virgina, Eden Valley, and Minnesota

Who were the book banners?

The people who banned the books were parents of students from Virginia schools in Minnesota, schools in New York, and Waukegan lll school district

Why was this book challenged or banned

This book was banned for it's use for racial slurs, profanity, and frank discussion that led people to challenge this books appropriateness in school libraries

How did they explain their reasons?

In the book to kill a mockingbird the "N" word was used approximately 48 times throughout the whole book and the use of calling characters out of their given name

What was the end result? Was it banned or limited in anyway?

Yes, this book was banned from certain school districts but this book was also limited to other school districts for their students to read