The Lion,Witch,and Wardrobe

By: C.S lewis


This book is about Lucy,Peter,Susan, and Edmund. They are all children that found a land so called Narnia. Lucy was the first person to go into Narnia. She met a lot of creatures. For instance, Mr. Tumnus. He was very nice to Lucy. Lucy was also very nice to him.


i think this book is good and magical because they enter a land full of creatures and witches. I think its good because the character Lucy is really nice and all of the characters are cool, except for the white witch. All of the animals can talk, so you can tell it is fake.

Favorite Passage

My favorite passage was when Lucy got her gift because she wasn't greedy and she wasn't mean because she is very nice and she doesn't say "I don't want this" so that was my favorite passage.
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