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Chapter 7 Red River Ox Cart


A red river ox cart is a large two-wheeled cart made of non-metallic materials. Its often drawn by oxen. These carts were mostly used during the 19th century. It was used for fur trading and they were used in the westward expansion in Canada and the United States. The cart was developed by the Metis for use in their settlement on the Red River, which later became Manitoba.


The red river cart advantages were that they were useful in everyday life, they could haul buffalo skins and meat, they were used for transportation and shelter during long trips, and they were used as defensive mechanism for battles.


The red river cart disadvantages were that they could break down when people were carrying all of their supplies on it.

How does the Red River Cart tie into ND

The red river trails which the carts were used extended from the Red River Colony to Mendota and St.Paul Minnesota. It traveled through trading posts such as Pembina and St.Joseph.

Important People

The Metis were the people who invented the red river cart, they made them to help carry all of their stuff while they were traveling.
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