FOG returns to HUBCON 2019

A Missive from the GCC

Field of Glory V3 Average Joe Tournament at HUBCON 2019

Field of Glory returns to HUBCON in 2019.

On September 7-8, 2019, the Gulf Coast Championship series will return to HUBCON in Hattiesburg, MS, on September 7-8, 2019, with the much anticipated return of the Average Joe Tournament.

Tournament Rules and Format

  • Table size will be 4x6.
  • Each round will be 3 hours plus 1d6 of random time. When time is called, players will finish the phase.
    • Round 1 will start at 9 AM on Sep 7 or shortly thereafter
  • V3 rules and current FAQ from BHGS website will be used.
  • Any list from the list below is allowed but only the "Average Joes" may participate, i.e., no Superior, Elite or Poor troops are allowed.

Book 1 Lists

    • Later Sumerian or Akkadian
    • Syro-Canaanite
    • Later Minoan or Early Mycenaean
    • Later Hebrew
    • Urartian before 750 BC only
    • Kimmerian, Skythian or Saka
    • Etruscan League, Early Roman or Latin
    • Thracian
    • Classical Greek
    • Early Carthaginian
    • Classical Indian
    • Later Achaemenid Persian
    • Warring States to Western Han Chinese from 209 BC only
    • Bosporan from 108 BC
    • Early to Middle Republican Roman
    • Seleucid
    • Ptolemaic
    • Later Pre-Islamic Bedouin
    • Graeco-Bactrian
    • Attalid Pergamene
    • Ancient Spanish
    • Numidians or Moorish
    • Later Jewish
    • Early German
    • Later Republican Roman
    • Ancient British or Caledonian

Book 2 Lists

    • Principate Roman
    • Eastern Han Chinese
    • Pictish
    • Later German (Western)
    • Palmyran
    • Later German (Eastern)
    • Kofun-Nara Japanese Pre-400 Only
    • Hunnic (Non-Hepthalite Hun options only)
    • Post-Roman British
    • Foederate Roman
    • Later Hindu Indian (Non Sinhalese options only)
    • Early Byzantine
    • Merovingian Frankish
    • Western Wei to Early Tang Chinese
    • Christian Nubian after 800n AD
    • Thematic byzantine
    • Early Spanish
    • Khmer or Champa
    • Khurasanian Dynasties
    • Later Abbasid, Tulunid, Ikhshidid
    • Bedouin Dynasties
    • Dailami Dynasties
    • Nikeforian Byzantine
    • Seljuk Turk

Book 3 Lists

    • Early Hungarian
    • Taifa Andalusian
    • Medieval Spanish & Portuguese
    • Norman
    • Italo-Norman
    • Medieval French
    • Medieval German
    • Scots Isles & Highlanders
    • Medieval Scots
    • Komnenan Byzantine (No Varangians allowed)
    • Anglo-Norman & Early Plantagenet English
    • Crusader
    • Medieval Welsh
    • Medieval Burmese
    • Ghurid Afghan
    • Jurchen-Jin
    • Medieval Irish
    • Ayyubid Egyptian
    • Anglo-Irish
    • Moslem Indian Sultanates
    • Medieval Indonesian or Malay
    • Middle Plantagenet English
    • Ottoman Turks before 1362 only
    • Later Serbian from 1345 only
    • Later Poles before 1455 only
    • Later Low Countries
    • Medieval Scandinavian
    • Catalan Company
    • Condotta Italian
    • Later Plantagenet English (Continental)
    • Ming Chinese
    • Timurid, Black Sheep or White Sheep Turcoman
    • Tupi
    • Medieval Scots (in France)
    • Hussite
    • Mapuche
    • Santa Hermanidad Neuve Castilian
  • Highest ranking general allowed is an FC. (No Inspired Commanders allowed).
  • Christopher Anders will referee. Lists are due to no later than August 31, 2019. Late lists give your opponent choice of terrain before initiative is rolled.
  • Tim Broome has indicated a price break for the weekend for FOG Tournament players.
  • Prizes will be offered for top 3 finishers.

The University of Southern Mississippi does not play football that weekend so hotel rooms should be available. There is no hotel associated with the Con but there are 15 hotels located at the Hardy Street exit of I-59 within a short drive to the Con site.

Tournament and convention will be held in the Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center Annex, 962 Sullivan Dr, Hattiesburg, MS 39401.

GCC Monthly Returns

The Gulf Coast Monthly returns at the end of June. Make sure to send all of your tournament announcements and results to me at to ensure their inclusion in the GCC standings.

Revisions to the GCC Guidelines passed at the General Membership meeting at Bayou Wars will be posted on the GCC Facebook page by the end of the month.

Send any articles or pictures you would like included in the GCC Monthly to me as well. If you have anything you would like to see in the newsletter, let me know and we shall see what we can do to make it happen.

Until next time, enjoy..

Christopher Anders

GCC Coordinator 2019-2020